Retirement planning

We all have our own perspective on retirement. Whether it’s making the most of your hobbies, travelling the world, or simply spending more time with your family, it pays to think ahead about how you wish to enjoy your post-work years.

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Post-work living

Will you make a century?

Reaching the age of 100 may seem a fanciful prospect but based on United Nations estimates, it’s a fast-growing age group. So how do you prepare for a financially secure future and ensure you have enough money to fund what could potentially be 30-40 years of post-work living? Faced with the vast array of financial options, our retirement planning service can provide a bespoke wealth plan that encompasses all your assets and positions your finances for drawing down your wealth to fund a long life well lived.


Using your accumulated savings and investments to fund the retirement you planned for

  • The big transition

    After years of saving and investing for your retirement, you’re suddenly faced with the prospect of drawing down on those savings as you ease into the world of post-work living.

  • Creating a drawdown strategy

    You may have accumulated investments, pensions, and savings throughout your working life but what is the best way to use them to fund your retirement? This phase in life is known as drawdown and it can be a daunting prospect. It’s where our retirement planning experts can help by creating a strategy that will fund the lifestyle you aspire to, while also protecting your capital and assets to ensure future growth.

Mitigating the risks

Regular reviews ensure you remain on track

The drawdown phase of retirement brings three new risks that should be considered. By regularly reviewing your wealth plan, you can help to mitigate these key risks and ensure you remain on track to enjoy the retirement you planned for.

  • Inflation risk

    Inflation erodes the value of money over time which is even more damaging once you’re retired. Inflation of 3% could devalue your money by 50% over 25 years.

  • Longevity risk

    With increasing life expectancy comes the real fear your money could run out before you do.

  • Sequence of returns risk

    Stock markets are unpredictable and a poor sequence of returns in early retirement coupled with regular withdrawals can have a severe impact on your retirement experience.

Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

How much do I need to retire on?

This depends on the lifestyle you aspire to during retirement. Personal wealth planning and cash flow analysis can help you answer this question.

How much can I pay into a pension?

There is no limit on how much you can contribute to your pension each year, but rules apply on how much tax relief you can claim.

Do I pay tax on my pension withdrawals?

You can usually take up to 25% of your total pension savings tax free. Any further withdrawals are subject to income tax in the UK.

Should I combine my pensions into one?

There can be some benefits to combining your pensions, but you should always take professional advice to ensure all the implications are fully considered.
Funding your lifestyle

Joined up wealth planning and investment advice

How you use your accumulated investments, pensions, and savings to fund your lifestyle right to the end is a question that can only be answered with joined up wealth planning and investment advice. In the drawdown phase, it’s important to withdraw funds in the most efficient way, which generally means taking from the least tax-efficient investments first and allowing your other investments to continue to grow.

Depending on your personal circumstances, your pension may be the last pot you should draw from as pensions can currently be passed to the next generation in the UK with no inheritance tax payable. As pension and taxation rules change frequently, we’ll regularly review your wealth plan to ensure it remains on track to meet your needs.

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Retirement - are you doing it right?

Our team of wealth planners are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a plan that works for their individual needs and circumstances in retirement.

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Living life well

Retirement offers the freedom to embrace life to the full

No matter how wealthy you are or how much you’ve put away, many retirees worry their money will run out before they do. This means you could miss out on opportunities to enjoy life to the full, while you still can. One of the best ways to put your mind at rest and get the most out of life is to take stock of your finances and make a wealth plan. By setting out your life goals and aspirations, our advisers can help you structure your finances to achieve them – giving you the financial stability and confidence to look forward to a long life well lived.

Importance of advice

An experienced wealth planner can ensure all your options are considered

Faced with so many retirement choices and pension freedoms, along with a new set of challenges and risks, professional financial advice and guidance has never been more important. Whether you’re looking ahead to retirement, about to retire, or are already a retiree, our experienced wealth planners will advise on the best way to achieve the retirement you aspire to. We listen to what’s important to you and seek to understand your financial and life goals over the short, medium, and long term, as well as anticipate any future hurdles.

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We have helped countless clients with their financial needs – some straightforward, some complex. Our bespoke approach, where we really get to know our clients, allows us to offer solutions that other wealth planners and private banks aren’t able to.

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Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

How can a wealth planner help?

Our wealth planners have extensive experience to draw on and work with our specialist teams to support you through major changes in your life.

What life events can wealth planning help with?

An experienced wealth planner can support you through life’s key changes, such as buying a home, relocating, divorce, retirement, and bereavement.

Do you work with other professional advisers?

We’re used to working alongside our clients’ existing professional advisers. If you need guidance on finding specialist legal or tax advice, we can help.

What are the benefits of cashflow planning services?

Reassurance you have enough money to last your lifetime and also a realistic picture of what you can afford to do with your wealth.