Retirement planning

Whether you have a rewarding career, or are running your own company, there will come a point when you want to retire (or just step back) and enjoy life. Ensuring you have enough money for all your financial needs and wealth goals, however, presents its own set of challenges. Find out how we can help.

Supporting your life as a retiree

Having accumulated investments, pensions and savings, are you confident you can enjoy a comfortable life in retirement? This phase in life is known as decumulation, but have you accrued enough to draw down and meet all your goals? It’s also worth noting there are a new set of challenges and risks, which can be difficult to navigate without professional financial advice and guidance.

Whether you are looking ahead to retirement, about to retire, or are already a retiree, we work with you to develop a comprehensive approach that encompasses all of your assets through a wealth plan, including a detailed, personal decumulation profile. At this crucial stage of your life, we listen to what’s important to you and seek to appreciate your financial and life goals over the short, medium and long term, as well as anticipate future hurdles.

In taking the time now, we can ensure you have the right plan for you and your family to achieve financial success in retirement.

Decumulation matters

As the number of people and timelines in retirement grow, how can we ensure that the funds we have accumulated in investments, pensions and savings will cover us to the end of our days? It’s a period of life known as decumulation and can even affect those who don’t completely give up work. However, there is a solution for clients.

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Retirement planning

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How we help clients draw down their wealth

Whatever the source of your wealth, or whether you have retired or not, find out about our approach to retirement planning, the risks you can face and what the opportunities there are to mitigate those risks by reading the introduction to our retirement planning service, which can be accessed here or downloaded for future reference.


Our retirement services are just part of our comprehensive wealth planning support

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