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The week in review

US equities rallied on the last day of November after Federal Reserve chair Powell said the pace of monetary tightening could start to slow as soon as December 2022. While in the eurozone, inflation eased for the first time in 17 months.

An introduction to cashflow planning

In this presentation video, paraplanner Anna Slater introduces cashflow planning, using case studies and examples to explain how we use this software to present your financial plans.

The week in review

Economic news was mixed but signs of a weaker US economy raised expectations of a slowing pace of interest rate hikes. While in the UK and Europe business activity contracted for another month fuelling recession fears.

The week in review

The week of 14 November saw markets cool slightly following the previous week’s rally, as investors searched for signs of a potential economic slowdown and that inflation may have peaked.

Investment seminar

In this investment seminar, we reflected on the market stimuli in 2022, as well as the positioning of our investment outlook for 2023 and the opportunities which may arise.

The week in review

Equity markets saw their biggest rally in two years after the US consumer price index for October came in better than expected and raised investor hopes that inflation has peaked.

October's investment market commentary

October proved to be a good month for markets, as risk assets rallied strongly on expectations of a pivot on interest rate policy from central banks. While a semblance of stability was also restored in UK government, with the appointment of a new prime minister and a greater emphasis on fiscal prudence.

The week in review

The Federal Reserve and Bank of England raised base rates again in their attempts to contain persistent inflation. But the central banks took contrasting views on the outlook for further rate increases, dashing hopes of an early pivot in US monetary policy.

The week in review

Symptoms of economic malaise lingered, but the markets anticipated a better prognosis in the week of 24 October 2022, rallying on the prospect of a pivot on interest rates.

The week in review

Mixed economic reports from the US dashed hopes of a slowing in interest rate hikes, while the UK saw further political turmoil during the week of 17 October.

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