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Weekly investment update

James Robertson reviews the week of 14 September, which was relatively quiet in markets, but resulted in varied performance across the different asset classes and another risk-off week for investors.

20 years on: déjà vu for tech stocks?

Rebecca Cretney reviews the slide in tech stock values, asking if this a repeat of the Y2K tech bubble bursting or if this is just due to current day events.

Weekly investment update

David McFadzean reviews the week of 7 September, where markets saw the trends in the first week of the month repeated, as investors remained risk averse.

8 October: our next quarter end investment webinar

David McFadzean is being joined by Andrew Yeadon to discuss the key events in Q3 markets, recent portfolio changes and what could happen before the end of 2020.

August's investment market commentary

August can be a troublesome month for financial markets, but this year saw riskier assets continue to climb from March lows as Andrew Yeadon's update explains.

Weekly investment update

James Robertson reviews the first week of September, which saw a sharp sell-off in the higher valued growth and tech stocks - a reversal of August’s markets.

Weekly investment update

Rebecca Cretney reviews the week of 17 August as the S&P 500 hit a new record high before finishing the week lower, while all major regions were flat or in the red.

Zombies, opportunities and fixed income

Rebecca Cretney discusses how investors can distinguish between solid companies and the zombies, and changes we have made to our fixed income positions.

Weekly investment update

James Robertson reviews the week of 10 August, which saw equity markets finish higher, while fixed income struggled given future interest rate expectations.

Weekly investment update

James Robertson reviews the week of 3 August in the latest investment update, which saw equity markets finish up in US Dollar terms on the back of positive COVID-19 treatment news and decent economic data.

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