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March's investment market commentary

March, as with the quarter as a whole, posted strong returns for riskier assets. Equity markets continued their rise, albeit with some notable sector rotation along the way, which Tom Caddick’s update explains.

The week in review

With the International Monetary Fund stating that most advanced economies will emerge from the pandemic with little lasting damage, as they have proved more resilient than many expected, we look back ad events and financial markets during the week of 5 April.

Quarter end investment webinar: opportunities and threats for investors

David McFadzean was joined by Tom Caddick to talk through the investment trends from Q1 2021 in financial markets, how these might continue to impact investors and what that meant for portfolios in a session moderated by Karen Bennett.

Could scientists help your approach to investing?

With scientific research making headlines, Rebecca Cretney and Simon Prescott explore how scientists’ approach to patient care could be applied to the approach investors take to select portfolios.

The week in review

While attention focused on the ship blocking the Suez Canal, holding up around US$10 billion in trade a day, markets remained broadly positive, with the MSCI All Country World Index returning +0.96% in Sterling terms and +0.32% in US Dollar terms.

The week in review

Markets remained fixated on government yields as the week of 15 March saw the seventh consecutive weekly rise in US Treasury yields, its longest climb since February 2018.

The week in review

Main markets all moved higher, except for Asia ex Japan, with the MSCI All Country World Index up +2.1% in US Dollar terms and +1.9% in Sterling terms. Value stocks, meanwhile, continued to benefit from the changing economic backdrop.

The week in review

Markets moved higher, with the exception of Europe ex UK, as the MSCI All Country World Index finished up +0.1% in US Dollar terms and +1.0% in Sterling terms. However, all eyes remained focused very much on the bond markets despite the efforts of central bankers.

What women want for women (and others)

On International Women's Day, Karen Bennett speaks to women across Nedbank Private Wealth to hear their thoughts on how women could choose to challenge their approach to their finances and investments.

February's investment market commentary

The main story for markets in February was the extraordinary sell off in sovereign bonds. This move was primarily as a result of two main factors, which Andrew Yeadon’s update explains.

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