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Tariff of charges non-personal accounts

Free services

  • Professional online banking service
  • Sterling chequebook
  • Sterling paying-in book
  • Platinum Visa debit cards (Sterling, Euro, US Dollar)

We provide a number of additional services, for which a charge is payable. Charges are debited to your account, in the relevant currency, at the time the service is provided.

Where applicable, VAT will be charged on any taxable services provided.


Administration charge

Corporate trading accounts
(e.g. limited companies, partnerships, formed for the purpose of undertaking general commercial trading activities)
Minimum £2,500 per account, per annum
Other non-personal accounts
(e.g. trusts, pensions, investment companies, not undertaking general commercial trading activities)
Minimum £250 per account, per annum

The administration charge is payable quarterly in advance, on the first working day of January, April, July and October, and is non- refundable in the event of the closure of the account during the quarter.

Higher administration fees may be payable if a client relationship requires the bank to undertake additional due diligence work. Examples of such situations may include, but are not limited to, politically exposed persons, connections to high risk jurisdictions, multiple corporate structures and/or the nature of the activities undertaken by clients. Such fees typically include an initial take-on fee and/or ongoing administration charge, in addition to the fees outlined on this page. Any additional fees will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.


Transactional charges

Direct debits £1 per item
Standing orders £1 per item
Cheque clearances £1 per item
Domestic and international payments* £1 per item
Inter-account transfer debits £1 per item
Cheque deposits £1 per item
Incoming credits £1 per item

Transactional charges will be charged for all corporate trading accounts. It should be noted that certain other non-personal accounts may also be charged the transactional fees subject to prior notification.

Transactional charges will be applied monthly in arrears and will be deducted from your Sterling account. The charge will be taken on the 15th day of the following calendar month (or the closest Business Day following).

*in addition to the standard payment charges listed below.


Payment charges

Online payments* Authorisation deadline** Payment date Charge
Sterling – £1 – £100,000 23:55 Three-day value* Free
Sterling – all amounts 11:55 Same-day value £25
Euros – all amounts 11:55 Same-day value €35
US Dollars – all amounts 11:55 Same-day value $40
Other currencies – all amounts 11:55 Two business days later Available upon request
Payments instructed in writing Payment date Charge
Sending Sterling payments within the UK (all values) Manual payments will be made after all necessary checks and authorisations are complete £30
Sending payments outside the UK (all values) £30/€40/$45

Platinum Visa debit cards are issued free of charge. If you use your debit card to buy goods/services for cash withdrawals in a currency other than the currency of the card, the value of the payment will be converted by Visa at the prevailing exchange rate, plus a fee of 1.75%.

*All Sterling payments will be sent for same-day value, at a cost of £25, unless you expressly request a payment for three-day value – at input stage.

** All online payments must be authorised by the stated deadline in order to meet the stated payment date. Payments authorised after the deadline will be made the following business day.


Unauthorised borrowing charges

Unarranged overdraft – Referral fee £25
Unarranged overdraft – Follow up letters £25 per item
Arrears charge – If you miss a mortgage or loan payment – Referral fee £25
Arrears charge, as above – Follow up letters £25 per item
Refusing a cheque, standing order or direct debit due to lack of funds £25 per item
Unauthorised overdraft interest rate 9% above the bank’s base rate*

*see for details of the bank’s base rate. Please also refer to the Mortgage Charges section below.


Cheque deposits and collections

Clearance of currency cheques paid in
(subject to varying clearance times)
The correspondent bank upon which the cheque is drawn may deduct a charge. This will vary and is outside of our control.

We may apply a courier charge of £30/€50/$50.


Issuing cheques on your behalf

Sterling cheque £15
Euro cheque €22

Please note, we do not issue cheques in other currencies.


Other fees and charges

Cancelling a cheque (unless it has been stolen or lost)* £15
Special presentation of a cheque* £25
Issuing duplicate statements £5 per sheet
Issuing duplicate or ad-hoc valuations £25 per valuation
Provinding copies of paid cheques £20 per cheque
Status enquiries £25
Audit reports £50 for the first account, £20 for subsequent accounts, capped at £1000
Language translations of documents £50 per item
Delivery of Visa card or Visa PIN via courier (note, Visa PIN is available online, free of charge) £30/€50/$50
Returned mail charge £25 per month

*Please note, cheques become out of date six months after the date of issue.


Investment charges – Execution-only investment services


Value Charge
Charge for custody holding and investment administration
(based on the mid market value of any securities held, at the end of each quarter)*
The first £1 – £249,999 0.25% per annum
The next £250,000 – £999,999 0.15% per annum
Thereafter (£1,000,000 or more) 0.10% per annum
Minimum annual charge £150
Dealing charge** 0.50%, (minimum £50, maximum £100), per transaction
Custody movement – UK and US securities** £25 per transaction
Custody movement – Other securities** £40 per transaction
Custody movement – Hedge funds** £80 per transaction
Brokerage charges/Stamp duty Any market related charges will be passed on to you
Annual income and trading report*** £25 per copy***

*Payable quarterly in arrears.

** These charges will apply to any purchases, sales and transfers of securities to third parties.

*** Waived, if Nedbank Private Wealth manages the portfolio on your behalf under a discretionary mandate.

In addition to the above, from time to time certain transactions may involve fees being deducted by our overseas agents. We reserve the right to pass on any such charges levied. Details of charges for other services, not listed above, will be advised when the service is provided.


Mortgage charges

Description Charge
Valuation fee Cost of the valuation report which we will use to calculate how much we will lend to you. This cost will be charged to you. There are other homebuyer valuations and surveys available to you at an additional cost. Variable
Legal fees We will instruct a legal representative to act for us to complete the legal documentation for the mortgage. These fees will vary according to the nature of the transaction, and will be charged to you. Variable
Changes to the mortgage After you start the mortgage, you may wish to make changes which may incur a charge. Variable
Arrears charge Applicable each time you miss a contractual payment under the mortgage. £25
Solicitor’s costs in relation to arrears If we take action to enforce the terms of the mortgage, you will be responsible for paying all the fees, including legal fees. The fees will depend on the type of action we have to take. Variable
Redemption administration fee To register a discharge at the Land Registry. £60
Unpaid ground rent service charge Payable if we have to communicate with you and your landlord regarding outstanding ground rent or service charges, in order to protect the security on which the loan is based. £50