Investment FAQs

Investment FAQs

Answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

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Can I buy stocks and shares?

Yes, this is available within our execution-only service.

Can I view my investments online?

We offer investment reporting both online or through our mobile application.

What are the direct investments you use?

Social Care homes, renewable energy infrastructure, song royalties, and asset-backed lending are directly accessed via listed Investment Trusts.

What currencies can I hold my investments in?

They can be held in sterling, US dollars or euros.

What does risk mean?

Investment risk is the possibility that an investment will fail to achieve an expected return. Risk nearly always describes the possibility of losing money, while volatility refers to the fluctuation in price of an asset.

What does volatility mean?

Volatility refers to how much the value of your investment moves up or down. It is normal and expected when investing.

What fees and charges are applied?

You can find our tariff of charges for Personal Accounts here and for Non-personal Accounts here

What is a fund-based approach?

Instead of investing in direct shares of companies, we use funds, which provide access to a collection of investments for a particular purpose.

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Can I borrow against my portfolio?

Yes, this is called Lombard lending. Visit our Borrowing page for more information.

Can I view my portfolio performance online?

We offer reporting both online and through our mobile application.

Can my portfolio generate a regular income stream?

Portfolios can include regular withdrawals. We also offer a dual portfolio service, which includes a lower risk portfolio from which withdrawals are made.

Does my portfolio include individual shares?

Not directly, but via one of our expert fund managers. This allows us to access the best research talent in the world

How do I add to my investment?

You can top up your investment at any time, contact your relationship manager to find out how.

What happens if my portfolio value goes down?

The value of your investments can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back the original amount invested. If you have any concerns please contact your relationship manager.

What is managed currency overlay?

Our currency management service manages currency risk so that your portfolio has a bias towards your chosen base currency

What length of time should I invest for?

This is dependent on your long-term financial goals, speak to your relationship manager to discuss your investment time horizon.

Are REITs just UK or international?

Real Estate Investment Trusts are a common investment company structure internationally

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Can I gain exposure to property within my portfolio?

Yes, we have exposure as part of our Real Assets allocation. This includes infrastructure, commercial property, and social care homes.

Can I own UK property if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes, you do not need to be a UK resident to own property in the UK.

Can you help with UK property investment?

Our experienced credit team can assist with UK property investment.

How liquid are property investments?

Property investments are relatively illiquid, often taking a long time to realise, due to complex transactions and market conditions.

Is property an asset class?

Yes property, either directly or indirectly, is an asset class

What is the maximum LTV for a loan?

Our maximum loan to value (LTV) is 75%

Can I view my investments online?

We offer reporting both online and through our mobile application.

Can my IFA trade on my behalf?

Yes. You will need to complete a third-party mandate.

Do you offer investment advice?

Yes, we offer advice on investments. This would exclude, however, any execution-only investments you instruct us to carry out on your behalf.

How are platform fees deducted?

Fees are collected from the cash account associated with your Focus account after the end of each calendar quarter. The amount payable is based upon the value of the assets on the last day of the quarter.

What assets can I hold on the Focus platform?

The Focus platform is flexible, allowing you to hold different types of investment including equities (stocks), bonds, funds, and structured products.

What happens to dividends?

Cash dividends are paid into your Focus account. Portfolios can be set up with segregated income accounts if required.