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How socially responsible are you?

While some see philanthropy as an intrinsic part of their wealth plan, others are more indifferent, believing that they already contribute to society by paying taxes. Karen Bennett examines the roots of charitable giving, what motivates people and offers some tips on the steps your family could take should you wish to become more socially responsible.

The power of philanthropy: five steps to effective giving

The response to COVID-19 showed that many people can act swiftly and spontaneously to support a vital cause. In less frantic times, however, it might pay to take a more considered and structured approach to giving as John Williams explains.

The who, what and how of philanthropy post the pandemic

We join John Williams in a 30 minute webinar to talk about the who, what and how of philanthropy and how the pandemic is shaping clients' changing approaches.

Opportunities for South Africans to structure international investments

Tracy Muller from the South Africa team explained the opportunities for structuring international assets, with case studies showcasing how we helped clients in practice.

Key questions when creating a family office

Rajah Abusrewil of Walkers (Guernsey) LLP goes through some of the key questions you should ask yourself and your family when creating a family office.

Selling property interests in a collective investment vehicle

A non-UK resident investor who disposes of large property interests in a collective investment vehicle may be subject to UK tax, as LTS TAX explains.

What can a family office do for you?

Frances Rimeur explains how family offices take many forms to look after the family’s bespoke wealth needs, often using trust and company structures.

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