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A philanthropic journey: maximising impact

Investment Counsellor Rebecca Cretney is joined by Hugh Davidson MBE to discuss his philanthropic journey and key learnings from his many years of extensive work and research in the field of philanthropy.

Highlighting the importance and impact of philanthropic giving

Watch a panel discussion with local philanthropists and experts in the field of philanthropy, as we explore the importance and impact of philanthropic giving.

A life preserver or build a wall? – Charity and philanthropy

Understanding the difference between charity and philanthropy can be difficult. The right option can depend on the impact you wish to make.

How socially responsible are you?

While some see philanthropy as an intrinsic part of their wealth plan, others are more indifferent, believing that they already contribute to society by paying taxes. We examine the roots of charitable giving, what motivates people and offers some tips...

The power of philanthropy: five steps to effective giving

The response to COVID-19 showed that many people can act swiftly and spontaneously to support a vital cause. In less frantic times, however, it might pay to take a more considered and structured approach to giving.

Opportunities for South Africans to structure international investments

Tracy Muller from the South Africa team explained the opportunities for structuring international assets, with case studies showcasing how we helped clients in practice.

Selling property interests in a collective investment vehicle

A non-UK resident investor who disposes of large property interests in a collective investment vehicle may be subject to UK tax, as LTS TAX explains.

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