Major life events

From selling a business, relocating to a new country or retiring, it often takes a major life change to make us think about our finances. Private wealth planning can play a crucial role in navigating life events, resetting your goals and helping you make informed decisions.

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Life changes

Approaching major life events with a wealth plan can be invaluable

Life rarely goes to plan and can be full of unexpected twists and turns. Navigating these life changes can feel overwhelming but working with an experienced wealth planner to create a personal wealth plan can provide a road map to follow.

Our wealth planners regularly sit down with clients to help them determine their best course of action – particularly when there are divergent views on what to do next. With a clear picture of how your finances are aligned to achieve your long-term goals, we can take some of the emotion out of these choices and help you make informed decisions based on our extensive experience.

A new beginning

Building a financial future after divorce

  • Two becomes one

    One minute you’re happily married and planning a life together, the next you’re going separate ways. Decisions made in the heat of the moment can have significant and long-lasting consequences.

  • Making informed decisions

    Untangling your finances during a divorce is always complex. How do you know how much money you’ll need? Working with an experienced wealth planner and developing a personal cashflow plan will go a long way towards showing you the lifestyle you could aspire to after divorce and how you can achieve it. At such a challenging time, developing a personal wealth plan can provide clarity and peace of mind both before and after a divorce settlement.

Financial milestones

Life is full of milestones with decisions to be made

Major life events are like milestones along your journey. They often come at crossroads where decisions must be made on the best route to take. Our wealth planners have extensive experience working with high-net-worth individuals and can guide you through these life events, such as:

  • Selling a business

    Our team have extensive expertise to support you through the process of selling a business as well as working with your existing tax and legal advisers.

  • Moving country

    Our team of experts work with high-net-worth clients from all over the world providing a stress-free relocation service We will help you navigate any legal and regulatory requirements while working closely with your existing advisers, such as tax and legal professionals.

  • Retirement

    Retirement is probably the most significant milestone you’ll reach. As you move into your new post-work life, our retirement planning service can help.

Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

How can a wealth planner help?

Our wealth planners have extensive experience to draw on and work with our specialist teams to support you through major changes in your life.

What life events can wealth planning help with?

An experienced wealth planner can support you through life’s key changes, such as buying a home, relocating, divorce, retirement, and bereavement.

How will making a wealth plan help?

Making a wealth plan after a major change in life allows you to reset your goals and provides peace of mind for your future.

Do you work with other professional advisers?

We’re used to working alongside our clients’ existing professional advisers. If you need guidance on finding specialist legal or tax advice, we can help.
On the move

Thinking ahead when planning to relocate

Our wealth planners can work with you, ahead of your move, to understand your circumstances and the considerations and opportunities relating to the country you are moving to.

Moving to a new country can be a complex process especially for high-net-worth individuals. We can help make sure that you don’t experience any unexpected tax or legal complications that could affect your wealth, both now and in the future. We can make sure that you have the right plan in place for you, your family and your future goals.

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Supporting you through divorce

Find out how we can support you through divorce. The financial aspects of divorce are far reaching, it is important to involve financial planners to help navigate the process with empathy and expertise.

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Coping with loss

Facing the financial future after losing a loved one

Coping with the death of a loved one is a distressing time and sorting out financial affairs is not the first thing on your mind.

In times of bereavement, our wealth planners can help alleviate the pressure by providing a clear plan for handling the estate. They will help you navigate the legal, financial, and emotional challenges, to ensure a smoother fulfilment of your loved one’s wishes.

We can also help you to reset your financial plan following your loss.

Importance of advice

Seeking professional advice during life’s changes can help

Major life events such as marriage, parenthood, retirement, and bereavement can have a significant effect on your emotional and financial wellbeing. Seeking professional advice during these life changes is crucial to making well-informed decisions for the future.

Our wealth planners can work with you to create your wealth plan, in addition to providing guidance on managing assets, reviewing or setting up new structures where appropriate, and adjusting investment portfolios to align with a new set of goals.

Our expertise and experience help you navigate complex legal and financial issues to ensure your assets are protected, wealth is maximised, and objectives can be met. In addition, professional advice at these pivotal moments can also provide emotional support and help with the stress of change.

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We have helped countless clients with their financial needs – some straightforward, some complex. Our bespoke approach, where we really get to know our clients, allows us to offer solutions that other wealth planners and private banks aren’t able to.

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Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

How much do I need to retire on?

This depends on the lifestyle you aspire to during retirement. Personal wealth planning and cash flow analysis can help you answer this question.

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement for managing your assets (such as, money, investments, land or buildings) for the benefit of others.

Why is succession planning necessary?

Succession planning provides stability and certainty for high net worth families across the generations. It ensures that family wealth is preserved and passed on efficiently.

How can I preserve my wealth?

Incorporating retirement planning, estate planning and tax-efficient options into your wealth plan can help to preserve your wealth.