Residential Mortgages

Our mortgages can fund the purchase or renovation of your principal residence, a holiday home or an investment property. You can also access our private lending services to remortgage homes you already own.

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Flexible lending options

We work with you to fund your property aspirations

Whether you are looking to buy the home of your dreams or purchase the ideal holiday get-away, our bespoke lending service can help you. We give you the flexibility you need while supporting your long-term financial goals.

Each loan is reviewed individually to provide the most suitable solution for you in the short, medium and long term.

You can borrow from us for a maximum term of 30 years or up to the age of 80, with rates decided on an individual basis depending on the size of the loan relative to the value of the property, the loan term and how long you have been a client.

Guarantor mortgages

  • Helping your family get on the property ladder.

    The steady rise in property prices means that many need the help of family to get on the property ladder.

    We can not only work with families seeking this support, but also ensure that the guarantors have the right private wealth planning in place to protect their future finances and their investment in the next generations.

  • The benefits we offer high net worth clients

    The desire to help your children is strong, but could this leave you with longer term ramifications?

    Taking money from your investments could mean you lose out on any growth.

    Accessing your private pension may mean you don’t achieve all your retirement goals.

    However, if you have investable assets over £1 million, you can secure a loan against your property or investment holdings. Retain your capital and continue to benefit from your wealth while helping your loved ones.

Interest only mortgages

Flexible lending to suit your needs

Our interest-only mortgages mean you only pay off the interest on the amount you borrow, while using investments or other assets you have to pay off the total amount borrowed at the end of your loan term.

  • Lower payments

    Given that you are only paying the interest, the regular costs are typically lower than for a repayment mortgage.

  • Repay faster

    You have the potential to repay the debt faster, especially if you already have an exit strategy in mind.

  • An option when downsizing

    If you plan to downsize, the proceeds of the property sale used to repay the debt and the difference used to purchase a new, smaller, property

Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

What types of mortgage interest rates do you offer?

We offer two types - fixed rate and floating variable rate tracker where the interest rate is linked to the Bank of England's Base Rate

Do you lend for properties in different areas?

Yes, the residential property must be located in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland), Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey.

What is the maximum loan-to-value for a residential mortgage?

Typically, 75% for repayment mortgages and 65% for interest-only, subject to affordability. However, all cases are assessed by our expert advisers on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any property types you won't lend against?

Working farms or short leasehold properties less than 80 years at the end of the mortgage term.

Are there any development finance restrictions?

We are unable to consider development finance for new-build properties, non-standard, or higher risk properties.
Borrow against investments

Access additional capital without having to sell your assets

Continue to benefit from the earning potential and any increase in value in your investments, while having the flexibility to explore other investment opportunities.

Other benefits include:

  • An ability to tailor a loan to your specific requirements
  • Access to competitive interest rates
  • Easier and cheaper to set up than using property as security
  • No need for a surveyor’s valuation or conveyancing fees
  • An invariably swifter and more cost-effective approach than a bridging loan
  • Where used for the purchase of rental property, tax benefits may apply
  • All costs are clearly defined at the outset.
  • Available from a minimum of £250,000 (or currency equivalent).
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Property eligibility

Important information you need to know

The property:

  • First legal charge only.
  • Purchase or re-mortgage of, or further advance against, a primary residence, second home, or buy-to-let.
  • Residential or investment property located in the UK, Jersey, or the Isle of Man.
  • Residential property must be habitable and occupied by the client and/or a close relative.
  • Investment property must be habitable, or let out on an acceptable tenancy.
  • No houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) accepted.
  • No working farms, no short-leasehold (up to 80 years), no high rise, no development finance for new-builds or otherwise non-standard or higher risk properties.
Applicant requirements

Important information you need to know.

The applicant

  • Must not have adverse account history or credit history prior to the date of application.
  • Must be a UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey, or Jersey resident or national (other than those residing in the EU/EEA). Residents/nationals from other jurisdictions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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We have helped countless clients with their financial needs – some straightforward, some complex. Our bespoke approach, where we really get to know our clients, allows us to offer solutions that other wealth planners and private banks aren’t able to.

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Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

Do you finance homes of multiple occupancy?

No, we are unable to offer finance in those situations.

What is your maximum loan-to-value for buy-to-lets?

Typically, 65% for personal borrowers and 60% for corporate structures, however, higher loan-to-values may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How are your rates decided?

Rates are decided on an individual basis depending on the size of the loan, loan term, and how long you have been a client.

Can I borrow against a property in another country?

We will only finance against properties in the UK, Jersey, or Isle of Man. However, you can release equity from a UK property to purchase overseas.