A portfolio range to suit individual needs

Your personal goals and ambitions will drive a tailor-made plan, using an investment portfolio designed to deliver the right returns with an appropriate level of volatility that suits your time frames. A portfolio which also reflects your values and is suitable from a tax perspective.

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Our approach

By appointing us as your investment manager, you remove investment-linked emotional biases

We help you to:

  • understand risk and how it affects you, before we make any recommendation to invest
  • appreciate the long-term nature of investing
  • receive regular performance reporting and an annual investment review
  • access investment insights to help you understand world events and how these affect your portfolio.

Our investment approach is designed to be robust and repeatable. This means our investment decisions are consistent across investments and across our client base. Portfolio returns are consistent across clients who share the same risk profile.

Global multi-asset strategies

Our risk-rated, multi-asset investment strategies are designed to meet your global investment needs

  • Our multi-asset strategies

    The strategies include global income, global cautious, global balanced, global steady growth, and global growth. They can include or exclude UK situs assets.

  • Managed currency overlays

    We have global exposure to equities, fixed income, property, and alternatives – all with managed currency overlays. This reflects our strategy’s progressive approach when compared to a typical investment industry approach, which can remain UK biased. Our aim is to provide returns that are within your capacity to tolerate market turbulence and aim to meet your long-term investment objectives. Investments can be managed in Euros, Sterling or US Dollars.

Tailored to your values

We invest your portfolio to suit your needs

All of our portfolios actively invest in companies that will have a positive impact on society. We target competitive rates of return, and always consider ESG factors in the investment process. Our portfolios give you the option to incorporate some sustainable preferences if you wish and further information on this is outlined below.

  • Our range of strategies

    Portfolios can have no specific sustainability objective, using ESG data solely to protect against risks to financial returns.

    Or portfolios can cater for clients with sustainable preferences.

  • Sustainable range of strategies

    These portfolios target specific sustainable themes and are positively aligned to companies engaged in sustainable change. There is a mandated limit of 2% exposure to controversial practices.

Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

Where can I find the strategy datasheets?

Our managed investment datasheets can be accessed here.

Does my portfolio include individual shares?

Not directly, but via one of our expert fund managers. This allows us to access the best research talent in the world

What is managed currency overlay?

Our currency management service manages currency risk so that your portfolio has a bias towards your chosen base currency

What happens if my portfolio value goes down?

The value of your investments can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back the original amount invested. If you have any concerns please contact your relationship manager.

Can my portfolio generate a regular income stream?

Portfolios can include regular withdrawals. We also offer a dual portfolio service, which includes a lower risk portfolio from which withdrawals are made.
Robust investment process

A repeatable process is key to consistency

Strategic allocation
A long-term asset allocation framework for each risk strategy

Tactical allocation
Adding value through short-term tactical asset allocation tilts

Fund research
An extensive and thorough research process

Portfolio construction
Portfolios are constructed using a sophisticated and robust process

Risk management
A proprietary risk management engine to monitor portfolio exposures

Portfolio implementation
Portfolios are invested by a dedicated team to achieve consistent outcomes

Monitoring and reporting
Progress is monitored daily, making changes where necessary

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Global equity strategy

Designed for clients looking for pure equity exposure

Our global equity investment strategy is designed to meet the needs of clients that are looking for pure equity exposure, while taking advantage of the strength of our investment research capabilities and risk management framework. It can reflect investor tax preferences. Investments can be managed in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars.

Global income strategy

Designed for clients looking for an income with low volatility

Our global income investment strategy aims to generate an income with low volatility and can reflect investor tax preferences. Our global exposure, with managed currency overlay, reflects our more progressive approach to strategic asset allocation than the typical industry approach which remains UK biased. With this strategy, you can choose to receive a regular income stream or reinvest your returns in Euros, Sterling, or US Dollars.

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We have helped countless clients with their financial needs – some straightforward, some complex. Our bespoke approach, where we really get to know our high net worth clients, allows us to offer solutions that other wealth planners and private banks aren’t able to.

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Frequently asked questions

Nedbank Private Wealth

What length of time should I invest for?

This is dependent on your long-term financial goals, speak to your relationship manager to discuss your investment time horizon.

Can I view my portfolio performance online?

We offer reporting both online and through our mobile application.

How do I add to my investment?

You can top up your investment at any time, contact your relationship manager to find out how.

Can I borrow against my portfolio?

Yes, this is called Lombard lending. Visit our Borrowing page for more information.