Are your assets working hard for you?

Have you thought about how you might access short-term capital through borrowing without affecting your longer-term financial goals? Colin Campbell shares his experiences.
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Published 20 January
3 mins

Plans change. Unexpected events happen. A millionaire on paper: asset rich but cash poor; having to consider selling assets at an inopportune time. It’s a scenario that comes up much more often than you might think, particularly for those who manage their finances carefully with a long-term perspective. In such a situation, you might reasonably feel you’re being punished for having taken an otherwise prudent approach!

This is where a private bank is well placed to offer assistance. Many can provide flexible, bespoke lending solutions that are secured against your investment or property holdings, creating liquidity and enabling you to reap the full benefit of your wealth. Taking such an approach, with you at the heart of the decision making, can also provide you with short-term access to capital without significantly affecting your long-term financial plans.


Private banks appreciate the various reasons behind the financing needs. You may need to free up cash at short notice, to cover an unexpected event. Or, you may be looking to purchase a new asset, either a physical one for your enjoyment or to further diversify your investments. While you may be asset rich, your investment portfolio might have experienced a significant increase in value and you do not want to have to pay a large capital gains tax bill in the current tax year. Or, it could be that your investment assets consist mainly of property that you don’t want to sell due to current market conditions.


Regardless of the reason, a challenge that often faces prospective borrowers is the need to realise cash quickly. Here, using a provider with experienced bankers who can make swift decisions, allied to having well-established relationships with key service providers (such as surveyors, solicitors and valuers), will greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining a quick, yet carefully considered, decision.

Flexibility is usually a friend

A versatile and pragmatic approach can also help in a variety of other situations or requirements. For example, we often provide loan facilities to our clients’ children (and grandchildren), helping them join – or climb – the property ladder and giving them financial responsibility. Where the prospective borrower might be unable to obtain a mortgage in their own right, we can consider guarantor-backed facilities, releasing the guarantor when the borrower is fully self-sufficient.

Extending the options for insurance

In addition to property lending, our clients can also borrow against investment portfolios that we hold in custody. This can be a swift and flexible way to meet a short-term need for cash, without having to sell off assets. Such facilities can also be used to diversify or to gear up an investment portfolio.

Structured tax planning

Lending can also be used to assist with tax planning, where appropriate. A case in point was where one of our UK resident, non-domiciled clients needed a property to use as a UK base before returning to his home country. Having sought the counsel of a UK tax adviser regarding his tax position, it was recommended that he take out the maximum level of debt possible in the UK. Working closely with our client and his professional advisers, we arranged a loan that was cross-charged against both his home as well as his investment portfolio in the UK.

We are able to make quick, carefully considered and pragmatic decisions, looking at you and each loan individually, while considering your overall financial position. We have fostered longstanding relationships with key property and tax professionals, working with them to make the process of obtaining a loan facility as swift and convenient as possible for you.

Our flexible lending facilities can be arranged in Sterling, Euro or US Dollars, although any property used as security must be UK, Isle of Man or Channel Island-based.


To find out more about Nedbank Private Wealth’s bespoke lending services, please contact your private banker directly or our client services team using the  links to the form below, or simply call us on +44 (0)1624 645000.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other loan secured against it.

about the author

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Colin joined Nedbank Private Wealth’s London office in 2010 after 15 years with Barclays, working within its retail, commercial and wealth management divisions. He acts as a trusted adviser to a select group of high-net-worth clients, which includes private individuals, professional intermediaries, companies and trusts. Colin provides his clients with a tailored and holistic private banking service, offering integrated banking, lending, investment management and fiduciary services.


He is a Chartered Wealth Manager and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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