Our top 10 insights from 2022

No new year can ‘officially’ start until our obligatory list of top articles and insights! For many of us, 2022 continued to be a challenging year. Amidst the ongoing coverage of conflict, climate concerns and more, there were, however, some brighter notes during the year.
Published 24 January
2½ mins

No new year can ‘officially’ start until our obligatory list of top articles and insights has been published.

Below is our roundup of our most engaging content throughout 2022.

1. Article: Protecting your digital legacy

What are your digital assets worth? Potentially more than you think, which could present a challenge to ensure they are passed to loved ones after your death. But what strategies can you consider to protect these for the next generation? Protecting your digital legacy – Nedbank Private Wealth

2. Article: Don’t end up someplace else

Having a wealth plan can be even more important as an expat, as you will likely have more complex financial needs and assets spread around the world. Failing to plan could financially leave you ‘someplace else’. Don’t end up ‘someplace else’ – a plan for expat living – Nedbank Private Wealth

3. Article: How socially responsible are you?

While some see philanthropy as an intrinsic part of their wealth plan, others are more indifferent, believing that they already contribute to society by paying taxes. We examine the roots of charitable giving, what motivates people, and offer some tips on the steps your family could take should you wish to become more socially responsible. How socially responsible are you? – Nedbank Private Wealth

4. Article: Is retirement planning more important than ever?

Although retirement planning should be carried out as early as possible, many of us only seriously review our financial situation a few years before we plan to retire. Recent events, however, highlight regular reviews of your wealth are more important than ever, as Simon Prescott explains. Is retirement planning more important than ever? – Nedbank Private Wealth

5. Could your will be contested?

Formalising your wishes for your estate with a legal professional is the best way to help protect your family – and your assets – after you’re gone. As Simon Prescott explains, given the number of contested wills is on the rise, the more you can do to provide clarity around your plans the better. Could your will be contested? – Nedbank Private Wealth

6. Video: Visa management features

Take control, with card management features​ Online card management features enable you to have greater control of your Visa debit card. Features such as blocking your card when you suspect fraud or viewing your PIN can be done in just a few clicks and are available 24/7. Online access to your wealth – Nedbank Private Wealth

7. Video: Investment Seminar

We reflected on the market stimuli in 2022, as well as the positioning of our investment outlook for 2023 and the opportunities which may arise. Investment seminar – Nedbank Private Wealth

8. Article: Is it worth investing in financial knowledge?

Have you wondered if your level of financial knowledge is holding you back? Beckie Williams, head of client proposition, explains why it’s completely understandable we don’t naturally have more knowledge, and shares five topics to start a conversation about personal finance with your family. Is it worth investing in financial knowledge? – Nedbank Private Wealth

9. Article: A sustainable approach to investing

We offer a sustainable investing strategy for clients who wish to align their money more closely with their values, while not compromising on growth. A sustainable approach to investing and comparable returns – Nedbank Private Wealth

10. Webinar: Sense and sustainability - making sense of sustainable investing

Faced with an explosion of sustainable investment options, David McFadzean and Tom Caddick discuss the growth in sustainable investing and how you can make sense of the jargon and the array of choices available. Webinar: Sense and sustainability – making sense of sustainable investing – Nedbank Private Wealth

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