Philanthropy: the joy of giving

Giving is one of the most joyful things any of us can experience. Especially when it is transformative, when we can witness the change in lives or environments. While philanthropy used to be an end of life conversation, a new breed of philanthropist is emerging: those who want to be alive to witness the impact or see the smile. When significant sums are at stake – how can impact be maximised?

A more structured approach to giving

Of course, the answer depends on your needs and those of the cause you wish to benefit: while sometimes swift, one-off donations may be appropriate, many want to retain some degree of control.

This is why it is important that you include your wealth planner or financial adviser in your philanthropy plans. By structuring your charitable giving you can maximise efficiency and retain control, so that you can rest assured that your money will leave the impact you desire, express your views and values, and benefit the causes closest to your heart.

A philanthropic journey (30mins)

The importance and impact of philanthropic giving (100mins)

Three key family financial planning decisions (30mins)

About us (2mins)

Time to talk

Having conversations with a financial professional that include your intentions to gift money philanthropically, will also help them gain better insight into you as a person, giving them a full view of your goals and your priorities and enabling them to formulate recommendations which encompass causes you may want to benefit. They will be able to advise you on when and how to give. This knowledge of your values could also translate into how they invest on your behalf more generally (in your pension pot or legacy plan, for instance).

Ultimately, this level of conversation will lead to a better partnership of trust, a better understanding of your wealth needs and an extension of your impact well beyond your philanthropic giving.

By appointing us as your investment manager you can benefit from:

  • a tailored plan, aimed at achieving your financial goals, respecting your personal preferences and suited to your tolerance to risk
  • considerations of your philanthropic giving aims, including advice on amounts and timing, within your wider plan
  • a portfolio that aligns with your values and sustainable investment goals
  • access to a specialist team that pursues the best global opportunities to meet your objectives
  • a global investment universe, with no home bias
  • diversification across asset classes, companies, geographies and industry sectors
  • collaboration with your wider net of professional advisers, such as tax advisers and trustees
  • active currency management to limit currency risk.

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