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Stay up to date with financial markets and how we position portfolios, as well as understand how we manage money. We think our approach is very relevant in today’s ever changing world.

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Investing is important if you want to achieve your wealth goals, and particularly the medium term goals (i.e. five to ten years away), as well as the longer term goals (i.e. ten years plus). We believe in goals-based investing, not least as it leads to better outcomes for clients.

Investment management is one of our three key services to help our clients:


The week in review

17 May

   |   7 mins

The week of 9 May saw global equities sink for a sixth consecutive week as fears of a US recession added to the ongoing concerns over soaring inflation, coronavirus lockdowns in China, and Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine.


The week in review

10 May

   |   7¾ mins

The week of 2 May saw continued volatility in markets. Global stocks and bonds retreated as US and UK central banks raised their base rates again in an attempt to curb inflation pressures.


April's investment market commentary

9 May

   |   2 mins

April proved to be a difficult month for markets as concerns over global growth surfaced. While underlying economic fundamentals remained broadly healthy, the impact of high inflation and rising interest rates are without doubt headwinds for confidence, consumer spending, and therefore growth going forward.


The week in review

26 Apr

   |   3½ mins

Global economic prospects have worsened according to the International Monetary Fund, which downgraded its global growth forecasts for 2022 and 2023 as a result of the ongoing Ukraine crisis and slowing growth in China.


What could a new world order mean for investors?

22 Apr

   |   9 mins

While the G7 nations have traditionally led global economic growth, there have lately been efforts by the largest developing nations – particularly China and Russia – to seek to overturn that for a ‘new world order’. James Robertson sets out what this might mean for investors.


A sustainable approach to investing and comparable returns

20 Apr

   |   3 mins

We offer a sustainable investing strategy for clients who wish to align their money more closely with their values, while not compromising on growth.


Quarter end investment webinar: can financial markets remain resilient?

13 Apr

   |   45 mins

David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Tom Caddick, chief investment officer, examined the events of Q1 2022 and discussed their impact on financial markets, what this could mean for investors over the coming months and how our portfolios are positioned to respond.


The week in review

12 Apr

   |   4¼ mins

The Ukraine crisis remained a key concern during the week of 4 April, as did the quantitative tightening exercise the Federal Reserve looks to be undertaking due to forty-year high inflation.

8 July | ONLINE

Quarter end investment webinar: what's happening with inflation?

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease around the world and the global vaccination programme gathers pace, markets have turned their attention to life post the pandemic. However, the optimism with regard to global growth is giving way to concerns that inflation may spike for the foreseeable future, despite the assurances from the Federal Reserve.

in a 45 minute webinar, David McFadzean, head of wealth management, joined  Tom Caddick, chief investment officer, to discuss recent trends in financial markets, how these might affect investors in the coming months, and how our portfolios are positioned to respond.

In particular, the conversation focused on the impact inflation might have on markets should the price increases become more entrenched. We also flagged the role of alternative investments in portfolios and why they are of increasing importance, with the  discussion also encompassing the types of alternative investments we hold and our view on Bitcoin.

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