Celebrating women and their advocates on International Women’s Day

Working together to #InspireInclusion

In a world where achieving gender parity remains an ongoing journey, it’s important to remember that supporting each other, irrespective of gender, contributes to a more inclusive global community.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #InsireInclusion. We reached out to our female colleagues, asking them to share instances when their male counterparts have actively championed #InspireInclusion throughout their careers. Here’s what they shared:

Kirstine McDaid, Senior Lending Manager
“An old boss and friend would give both his time and knowledge generously – something I try to do, and we can all aspire to.”

Rebecca Cretney, Investment Counsellor:
“The unwavering trust my line manager has shown in me has been fundamental to my career growth. I messed up every now and then, yet he seems to see the future me, the person at the end of the learning curve. He is a multiplier. He asks not if a person is intelligent but how a person is intelligent.”

Rachel Quirk, Executive Head – Human Resources:
“The 2024 theme #inspireinclusion means a lot to me personally and professionally. My first ever manager knew exactly what inclusion and male allies were all about, before it was a thing people talked about. He championed my views and opinions, he challenged my thinking, and he elevated my confidence, and when I left, I continued to aim high.

“Fast forward to today and I see lots of male allies at Nedbank Private Wealth. Here it really doesn’t matter who you are, it’s about what you bring to the table here that counts. I would like to see us all work collectively, to inspire and support everyone to reach their career (and life!) goals, but specifically to enhance opportunities for more women to grow and step up into more management and leadership roles.”

Sam Kemp, Treasury Analyst:
“My male colleagues have believed in me because I’ve done such a great job. They let me be me and I get my head down and get tasks done. They don’t assume that because I’m female I can’t do it., they know that honestly, I’d probably do it better.”

Anna Slater, Paraplanner:
“My male colleagues have supported my promotions of women in finance and have actively encouraged my engagement with the cause. My male colleagues have also opened networks for me to build industry connections.”

Catherine Clarke, Company Secretarial & Corporate Governance:
“I have had some fabulous male managers, chair’s, board members and shareholders. It is because of one of the male partners in a law firm that I began my legal studies. One particular line manager was very relaxed which has provided me with a sense of calm when everything else appears to have gone off course. Each and every one of them have provided me with a different skill set, pushed me, encouraged me and supported me. My current manager is very supportive of my new studies and is a calm and supportive person.”

Fiona Nicolson, Head of Marketing:
“Working in what would traditionally be considered a male environment for most of my career, the best support and encouragement I’ve had from male managers and colleagues has been where they haven’t treated me as the ‘token woman’, have listened to and valued my opinions, and have championed my career progression. Most importantly it’s been where they have had my back, batting away outdated, prejudiced views from others. By doing that they’ve not only helped me, but countless other female colleagues coming after me.”