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We want to help you understand the financial options open to you and your family due to your wealth, which we appreciate offers opportunities and hurdles. Beckie Williams, head of client proposition, explains why we regularly post educational articles and insights.
Published 17 February
1 min

Life is busy and we tend to focus on what is right in front of us now rather than what we might be doing in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time.

We also make financial decisions on a weekly or monthly basis without any overarching strategy in place. As individuals, we are limited by our own experiences and it is human nature to repeat the same habits and thought processes, without stopping to think through what we are doing and whether there could be a better option available.

This is unfortunate as these behaviours can have a significant impact on our finances over time.

Whatever your situation, goals and aspirations in life, a thoughtful approach to investments and wealth planning could mean the life you want to lead – in the short term and in the future – is far more easily achieved, and may even exceed your expectations.

But that requires you to spend time on your finances – whether planning for your retirement, helping your family or leaving a legacy. Even if you are confident you will make that time, it’s often not right now!

As I highlight in my article ‘Is it worth investing in financial knowledge‘, it’s worth noting that many of us find it a difficult topic to delve into as finance wasn’t a subject taught at school and we don’t generally talk about money. So how are you supposed to understand the complexities?

This reluctancy is also backed up by science given we, as humans, are pre-programmed to avoid thinking too much. Daniel Kahneman, the economist and psychologist, aptly stated: “Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats; they can do it but they’d prefer not to.”

However, we as a company want to help you understand more about the financial options open to you and make it easy for you to start the thought process. So, we have invested the time to create and publish articles, case studies, videos and updates on numerous topics.

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Today could be the start of your new financial future.

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about the author

Beckie Williams

Beckie Williams

Beckie is responsible for managing and developing Nedbank Private Wealth’s product and service proposition across our full suite of wealth planning advice, investment management, banking, and online and digital services. She also has responsibility for our marketing and business assurance teams.


Beckie has more than 30 years’ client-facing experience in the banking industry, both in the UK and the Isle of Man. Prior to taking up her client proposition role, Beckie managed our Isle of Man-based private banking team, responsible for delivering excellent service and advice to a range of private clients, corporate trustees and intermediaries.


Beckie is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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