Webinar: ramifications of divorce beyond the financial and legal

Our panel of experts flagged the breadth of the conversations people should be having before, during and after a divorce, noting there are more conversations to have than the legal and financial ones.
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Published 11 May
50 mins

Even if your divorce is a relatively amicable one, couples (and their families) are often caught in a maelstrom of emotions at a time when they are having to make considerable changes to their lives. But what other aspects of life are often impacted by divorce – beyond those where decisions are forced due to the legal and financial discussions lots of couples have?

Huw Williams, Private Banker at Nedbank Private Wealth, is joined by a panel of advisers who each have considerable experience in supporting one ‘side’, or sometimes both parties, during the divorce process. These are:

  • Sarah Wadham – founder of Aphrodite Angels, a network of professionals providing services to divorcées
  • Vivienne Goldstein – a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer and accredited mediator
  • Ian Smith – founder of Shield Associates, a comprehensive and discreet security consultancy

Our experts were brought together by Aphrodite Angels, which has a philosophy that sets out it is extremely important for people going through these major life changes to use advisors who treat them with courtesy and respect, and guide them through the major legal and financial challenges, with professionalism and understanding.

Our 30 minute discussion took place on 11 May, but can be watched on demand, to flag the scope of the conversations people should be having if they are going through, or have recently finalised, a divorce.

This webinar is the second of three webinars in our series focusing on divorce.  You can catch up on our first webinar, Managing your finances around a divorce, on demand on this website. The third and final webinar was on 3 June and can be watched here: Divorce, pre-nups and pandemics – recent legal changes and those coming soon.

about the presenters

Huw Williams

Huw Williams

Huw joined the London team in 2017 from Duncan Lawrie and has over three decades of private banking experience. Having started his career with NatWest, he spent 14 years at Grindlays Private Bank before joining Butterfield Private Bank for 12 years in 2004.


As a trusted adviser to his loyal and long-standing high-net-worth client base, Huw is passionate about delivering exceptional client service dovetailed with a full range of holistic private banking services. These include identifying wealth management requirements and offering integrated banking, lending, investment management and fiduciary services.


He is a Chartered Wealth Manager and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

Sarah Wadham

Sarah Wadham

Sarah Wadham founded Aphrodite Angels in 2011 having seen huge transformation and personal change in her own life and faced many of the worries and concerns which the network’s members help their clients solve.


The Aphrodite Angels’ story started following Sarah’s divorce after 17 years of marriage, which left her bringing up four children and the need to rekindle her career. On returning to work, Sarah built up many contacts in the financial and legal sectors and explored a number of self-help and personal development options. Her extensive network of members and supporters has been a source of strength and inspiration when things were tough. And she shares her contacts and experiences to help and inspire others who are ‘starting over’, whether as a result of divorce, redundancy, bereavement or the need for a fresh beginning. Her message is that although divorce is traumatic, difficult and emotionally draining, the process and other life changes can be a positive experience and typically leads to a new and empowering future for everybody involved. “You will get through it” has proved to be a key dictum.

Sarah can be reached via startingover@aphroditeangels.com.

Vivienne Goldstein

Vivienne Goldstein

Vivienne is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer, who specialises in relationships.  NLP is the study of our behaviours – some of which are helpful and some are unhelpful. Vivienne works with clients drawing out their values and providing insight as to how they can make productive changes going forward.  Her bespoke coaching aims to enhance all areas of people’s lives.  


Passionate about people and helping them to get the best out of life, Vivienne set up her company in 2008. She draws on many years of experience in retail, photography, recruitment, teaching and charity work. Vivienne is also an accredited mediator.

Vivienne’s email is viv@viviennegoldstein.com.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Ian Smith founded Shield Associates in 2013 after a successful career with the Metropolitan Police, which saw him rise from the rank of Constable to Borough Commander and Detective Superintendent over the 30 years he served. His final position saw him lead a team of over 350 police officers providing corporate risk assessments, which were identified as best operational practice and subsequently implemented across London. Ian has held numerous roles, requiring superior organisational and leaderships skills, and brings extensive experience in conducting complex investigations, both covert and overt, having served with various investigative units.


His company introduces a network of subject matter and business experts in security, safety and protection that provides clients with confidence and peace of mind. Undertaking an initial assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, the no obligation review provides clients with an independent and confidential opinion of business risks, security threats and their likely impact.

Ian can be reached at iansmith@shieldassociates.co.uk.

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