Iolanda Ruggiero

Non-Executive Director

Iolanda Ruggiero was appointed to the Board in 2015 and is Nedbank Group’s Shareholder Representative on the Nedbank Private Wealth board.

Nedbank Private Wealth Limited and its international entities form part of a cluster of wealth businesses based in South Africa. This cluster is known as Nedbank Wealth and Iolanda is its Managing Executive and she holds the reporting line for Stuart Cummins.

Iolanda joined the Nedbank Group in 2002 as an Operations Manager within the investment division and was appointed as the Managing Executive of Nedbank Wealth in 2015.

She has over 18 years’ experience in financial services, 16 of which have been at Nedbank. Iolanda has held senior management positions in Nedcor Investment Bank and Nedbank Retail, and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Nedbank Wealth in 2006. During her tenure with Nedbank Wealth, Iolanda played an integral role in the acquisition and seamless integration of BoE Private Clients, Nedgroup Life and Fairbairn Private Bank into Nedbank Group.

Iolanda is responsible for a cluster that comprises a team of 2,100 staff members located locally and internationally.

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