Errol Kruger

Chairman of the Board

Errol Kruger was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Nedbank Private Wealth Limited in March 2018.

Errol joined the boards of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed Nedbank Group Ltd and Nedbank Ltd as an independent non-executive director on 1 August 2016. He chairs the following three Board sub-committees: Group Credit Committee; Group Risk and Capital Management Committee; and the Group Large-exposure Approval Committee. He also serves on the Group Audit Committee and the Director’s Affairs (Governance) Committee

From September 2003 to July 2011 Errol was the Registrar of Banks at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), having been with the SARB from July 1978 until July 2011. As the Registrar of Banks, he represented South Africa as a full member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision from 2009 to 2011 and he successfully project managed South Africa’s early adoption, and full implementation, of both the revised 25 Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision as well as Basel II. Errol contributed in a material manner to the South African banking system successfully navigating the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and he was awarded the Risk Manager of the Year award in 2010 by the South African Institute of Risk Management.

Errol was appointed Managing Director of Supervision and Authorisation at the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority on 1 August 2011 and thereafter appointed by the Board of the Qatar Central Bank to serve on Qatar’s Financial Stability and Risk Control Committee. Errol relinquished his role at the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority on 31 July 2016.

Errol also serves on the board of a JSE listed fintec company, Capital Appreciation Limited, and is a member of the Board Investment Committee.

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