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Ensure your accumulated wealth benefits you and your future generations through our trusts and fiduciary services.


When you have worked hard to build your wealth, it is natural that you will want to preserve it, for yourself and for the generations to come. Wealth structuring offers an effective means to protect your wealth, provide for your family, and offer a degree of privacy.

Our experienced team can work with you to decide on the best solution for your and your family’s needs, and safeguard your wealth, be it through a trust, company or foundation.

We are particularly skilled in:

  • Minimising the effects of unforeseen life events, claims and other risks on your estate

  • Actively supporting the transfer of wealth through your family’s generations

  • Managing complex and multi-jurisdictional assets, and mitigating forced heirship rules

  • Keeping details of your estate and its beneficiaries confidential

  • Incentivising employees and other vehicles

Nedgroup Trust offers the security of being part of a large multinational group, with offices in well-regulated and stable jurisdictions. We take our fiduciary duties seriously, and treat the assets you entrust to our care with confidentiality, placing a premium on information security. While we are able to handle products from any institution we are advised to use, we also have access to the services of our wider group, including Nedbank Private Wealth

We have a large qualified trust team, with expertise in the administration of a broad range of assets (beyond the investible) across multiple jurisdictions. And we have long-serving staff which enables you to build a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser.

We guarantee certainty of cost, with our annual fee priced to reflect your bespoke requirements.

How we help

The protection and preservation of your wealth is the most common reason for the use of trusts and other structures. Families can consolidate and protect their wealth from changes in circumstances that could potentially affect the value and structure of the estate.


Whether your wealth is held in property, or portfolios of listed investments or privately-held shares, financial and non-financial assets, a suitable structure can be considered to manage and administer them in line with your wishes.


Whether the issue facing you is the death of a family member, changes in marital status, or exposure to professional liability or different tax regimes, we can help.

Plans can be put in place to pass your wealth on to those you choose in the most timely and efficient way, either during your lifetime or after your death, so that your wealth can continue to be managed according to your values.

We can take you through the different options available, giving examples of how we have helped other clients who were in similar situations or had comparable goals to you, and help you appreciate how the structure will fare in the real world. This ensures flexibility for future unknowns, and hopefully enables us to become a trusted adviser who will be there for you and your bloodline in years to come.

Details of your estate and beneficiaries can remain confidential both before and after your death, while also ensuring transparency and compliance with the fast-changing demands of global regulation.


For political, economic and social reasons, holding your assets in a well-regulated and stable tax-neutral jurisdiction can provide peace of mind.

We put your goals, aspirations and priorities first, and help you achieve what’s most important in life to you.

Through our offices in Guernsey and Jersey, discover how we can help you grow more than your wealth.

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Money management

Challenges facing families during the great wealth transfer

3 Nov

   |   48 mins

What hurdles might families face as they seek to hand down wealth to the next generations? Our webinar on 3 November was presented Mary Humphreys from Nedgroup Trust and Chris Hards of Ogier and sought to help you to understand the challenges and what support is on hand.

Out now: Q3's Trust Matters magazine

1 Nov

   |   <20 mins

Read the latest Trust Matters. Published every quarter, it provides articles and insights, as well as company updates, for Nedgroup Trust's clients.

Out now: Q2's Trust Matters magazine

28 Jul

   |   <20 mins

Read the latest Trust Matters. Published every quarter, it provides articles and insights, as well as company updates, for Nedgroup Trust's clients.

Money management

Webinar: are trusts still worth setting up?

22 Jul

   |   47 mins

Mary Humphreys and Marcus Prevel of Nedgroup Trust discussed the use of trusts by families in today's world, and how wealth structures can help the transfer of assets across generations.

Money management

Webinar: what's happening with UK property?

20 May

   |   44 mins

Mary Humphreys of Nedgroup Trust was joined by Anna Douglass of Ferbrache & Farrell LLP as they discussed the future of English residential property as an investment opportunity.

Sustaining philanthropy in South Africa after COVID-19

9 Nov

   |   60 mins

Nedbank Private Wealth South Africa hosted a webinar as to how local charitable trusts and foundations can balance meeting immediate needs and commitments to beneficiaries with long-term sustainability against the backdrop of COVID-19.

Leaving a legacy

The who, what and how of philanthropy post the pandemic

4 Nov

   |   30 mins

Mary Humphreys of Nedgroup Trust joined John Williams in a 30 minute webinar to talk about the who, what and how of philanthropy and how the pandemic is shaping clients' changing approaches.

Leaving a legacy

Opportunities for South Africans to structure international investments

21 Sep

   |   62 mins

Tracy Muller from the South Africa team explained the opportunities for structuring international assets, while Katie Bonfrer provided example case studies.

Meet the team

Katie Bonfrer

Katie Bonfrer

Katie joined Nedgroup Trust in 2003 as a trust administrator and is now responsible for the business growth and strategy for the whole trust business at Nedbank Private Wealth. She has over 15 years of trust industry experience, looking after the affairs and succession planning of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth private clients.


Primarily focusing on South Africa, the UK and the Middle East, she leads numerous client relationships in conjunction with her team of professionally qualified trust officers. She is experienced in managing the wealth of families to ensure they have the appropriate structures and team in place to deliver their legacy through the generations.


Katie is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and a Fellow of the International Compliance Association.

Marcus Prevel

Marcus Prevel

Marcus joined Nedgroup Trust in 2001 and has 28 years of experience in the management of private client wealth, including 12 years at a major private bank providing a diverse range of banking, investment and estate planning services.


With Nedgroup Trust, Marcus has focused on the provision of trust and related services, assisting private clients resident in many jurisdictions. He has specialist knowledge of the South African markets, having worked closely with clients there since 2001.


Marcus has been a director of Nedgroup Trust since 2013 and is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. 

Nathan Lihou

Nathan Lihou

Nathan was one of the first members of staff at Nedgroup Trust, which was trading as Fairbairn Reads Trust in Guernsey, when he joined in 1992. He previously worked for five years at a private bank.


Nathan has worked in all facets of the business including administration, marketing, compliance and bookkeeping. Having grown with the business, he has a sound knowledge of all areas of the operation and continues to support our clients as he has for many years.


Nathan has been a director since 2001 and currently acts as chief operating officer.

Dan Bisson

Dan Bisson

Dan is responsible for the Nedgroup Trust business across Guernsey and Jersey. He also leads the Trust Management Committee and is a member of the Nedbank Private Wealth Executive Committee.


He is based in Guernsey and has over 20 years’ experience in the global fiduciary and corporate sector. Previously employed at Butterfield Trust, he also spent nine years at RBC Wealth Management International where he held a number of senior strategic roles including managing director of wealth preservation and family governance, and head of fiduciary management.

Why the Channel Islands?

We are based in an area steeped in rich heritage, with tight regulation to protect clients and an infrastructure that supports the fiduciary sector, including accountancy and legal practices. But why would you choose Jersey or Guernsey as a jurisdiction to entrust with the preservation and enhancement of your hard-earned wealth?

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