Many of our clients have worked hard during their lives to grow their investments, pensions and savings so they can enjoy financial independence in retirement. But how can you make sure you will have enough to live off over a period which may span 30 to 40 years, given the many risks facing retirees? The answer lies in a dedicated financial planning and investment approach that seeks to help you understand those risks, how they can be managed and what plans you can put in place to enjoy your retirement in the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed. It’s a solution only available via a few wealth managers.

During this webinar, we explain the importance of transitioning from your time in a career, or running a company – known as the accumulation phase of life – to the time when you draw down on your assets in retirement – known as decumulation.

We also highlighted the other opportunities that the planning process should offer in terms of ensuring your withdrawals are sustainable, while also considering your plans for helping out your children and leaving a legacy.

This webinar is part of a series of articles and updates provided to help you understand the complexities linked to life as a retiree. More articles and updates can be accessed here, as well as details of our retirement planning support.