Economic activity continues to pick up around the world but, while vaccination programmes have progressed in many countries, the lingering presence of the Delta variant of COVID-19 remains a concern, particularly in emerging markets. Inflation has spiked as the post-pandemic surge in demand and related supply chain issues have elevated prices, however, the view from central banks is that this will be transitory. The key question remains how the economic recovery will survive as the global monetary policy that has supported markets through the pandemic is gradually withdrawn.

In a 30-minute webinar, with an additional 15 minutes set aside for questions, Rebecca Cretney, investment counsellor, was joined by Tom Caddick, chief investment officer, to discuss recent trends in financial markets, how these might affect investors in the coming months, and how our portfolios are positioned to respond.

Our discussions focused on global dynamics and how the economies around the world are looking as we emerge from the pandemic. We considered how these changes are impacting the way we approach diversification and the management of risk in our portfolios. The conversation also touched on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and the way these are integrated into our investment decisions. Finally, they looked at private equity and the role it can play in a diversified portfolio.