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Life often prompts financial decisions whether they result from career decisions, health, relationships or simply what to issue you need to tackle next. We hope these videos and webinars help you understand the opportunities that your wealth offers, and overcome some of the hurdles it can present, to help you meet your short, medium and long-term wealth goals. To find out more, please watch our videos or scroll down to access our webinars.

Our videos

Expatriate living

The overseas demand for UK property

25 Jun

   |   3 mins

Andrew Bates explains some of the many reasons why UK property is in high demand, but also highlights some of the hurdles for UK nationals living abroad.

Coronavirus: how we are helping clients

2 May

   |   3½ mins

Beckie Williams outlines the measures we have taken as a business to we are helping clients and ensuring minimal disruption to during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Coronavirus: it's business as unusual

27 Apr

   |   3 mins

It's business as usual for Nedbank Private Wealth. Key members of staff talk about how we're continuing to support our clients while working from home.


COVID-19: navigating turbulent markets

16 Mar

   |   3½ min video

Allie Kirk, private banker, speaks to Rebecca Cretney, one of our investment specialists, about the current market turbulence due to news linked to the pandemic.


Why do we use currency management?

2 Feb

   |   1 min

We are one of only a handful of wealth managers who use currency management as part of our investment approach. In this short 45-second video, we explain why.


Why do we show our performance net of fees?

15 Jan

   |   1 min

Investment performance can be reported before or after the fees and charges have been paid. Why do we take the approach to show performance net of fees?


What is our total expense ratio?

10 Jan

   |   1 min

Our total expense ratio flags to investors exactly what they will pay when investing in our portfolios - including costs that others don’t always include. Find out why we include so much.


What should you expect from your investment manager?

3 Jan

   |   6 mins

We operate in a really competitive industry, which means a huge choice! We believe there are five key points you need to consider when making your investment manager selection.

Our webinars

Leaving a legacy

Opportunities for South Africans to structure international investments

21 Sep

   |   62 mins

Tracy Muller from the South Africa team explained the opportunities for structuring international assets, while Katie Bonfrer provided example case studies.


8 October: our next quarter end investment webinar

11 Sep

   |   30 mins

David McFadzean is being joined by Andrew Yeadon to discuss the key events in Q3 markets, recent portfolio changes and what could happen before the end of 2020.

Money management

The art of property investing

29 Jul

   |   30 mins

What should investors consider when buying property, and how should they balance property versus other investment options? Watch our webinar to hear our views.


Quarter end investment webinar

15 Jul

   |   30 mins

David McFadzean was joined by Andrew Yeadon to talk through the main Q2 news driving markets, portfolio position changes and what could happen in H2 and beyond.

Money management

Don't just invest. Invest to a plan.

19 Jun

   |   30 mins

Carlo Lourenco, John Williams and Rebecca Cretney set out why it's important to invest with a wealth plan, specifying your own goals, in a 30 minute webinar.

Money management

Three key family financial planning decisions

21 May

   |   30 mins

We see three key decisions forming the foundation for family financial planning. What are they? Join John Williams for a 30 minute recorded webinar to find out.


Quarter end investment webinar

22 Apr

   |   30 mins

David McFadzean was joined by Andrew Yeadon to talk through the main Q1 news driving markets, portfolio position changes and what could happen in Q2 and beyond.

Retirement planning

How do I plan for retirement?

2 Apr

   |   30 mins

The concept of retirement means different things to different people. What does it mean for you? John Williams explains in a 30 minute webinar.

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