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Your wealth goals don’t just have to be long term. Life is not a linear journey, and you may need to be working towards multiple goals.

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Managing your finances properly doesn’t just have to be focused on the long term and there are significant benefits to planning to achieve your wealth goals, and particularly since the future is inherently uncertain. Meanwhile, any financial decision is likely to have implications for you and your family in the short, medium and long term.  For us, that means a combination of investing, structuring and people’s expertise.

For us, holistic money management encompasses:

Money management

New year, new start: 5 steps to plan for 2022

7 Jan

   |   7 mins

Many of us had hoped that 2021 would see a return to some kind of ‘normality’. Unfortunately, that was far from the case. The past 12 months seem only to have further highlighted the need to plan. John Williams, our head of wealth planning, suggests five ways to get your finances in order – while keeping the unexpected in mind.

Money management

A look back at 2021 from the treasury team

5 Jan

   |   6 mins

Brian Middlemiss, treasury executive, takes a look back at 2021 and how FX markets have fared in post Brexit, post COVID-19 Britain… surely it all went away didn’t it? Read the review.

Money management

Our top 10 for 2021

17 Dec

   |   3 mins

No year seems to be complete without the obligatory review of events and 2021, for many of us, has been almost as challenging as 2020. Amidst the ongoing coverage of conflict, climate change and COVID-19, however, there were some brighter notes through the year.

Money management

Roast turkey and (self assessment) tax returns

16 Dec

   |   6 mins

Many see Christmas as a time for festivities, others as the time to file tax returns ahead of the 31 January deadline. But while you and Santa are making your lists, and checking them twice, Pippa Vick highlights some pointers to help you with UK self assessment submissions.

Leaving a legacy

The power of philanthropy: five steps to effective giving

15 Dec

   |   4 mins

The response to COVID-19 showed that many people can act swiftly and spontaneously to support a vital cause. In less frantic times, however, it might pay to take a more considered and structured approach to giving as John Williams explains.

Major life events

I’ve inherited a pension. Help!

9 Dec

   |   4 mins

Inheriting a sizeable pension may make you feel you’re set for life. However, the money has come because someone – probably one held dear – has died. So how do you make sure the money will be used wisely given the plethora of choices now open to you? Alex Jeffries explains.

Major life events

Are you part of the inheritance ‘SKI’ Club?

7 Dec

   |   6 mins

When it comes to your children’s inheritance, are you caught between a desire to provide enough financial security for their future while protecting them from over-entitlement? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s time to consider joining the inheritance SKI Club.

Major life events

Do you want to leave a legacy?

6 Dec

   |   6 mins

A true family legacy is more than the money you leave your loved ones. It’s about passing on a unique set of values, beliefs and purpose to the next generation. But while the wealth industry talks about ‘the great wealth transfer’, we look at what it actually takes to make succession a success.


2021 Q1 London Residential Property Update

With so many events and news headlines impacting the UK capital’s residential property market, join us for a 30 minute discussion, plus time for Q&A to find out what’s changed and what predictions our experts have for 2021.

Colin Campbell, private banker and lending specialist at Nedbank Private Wealth is joined by Marcus Dixon, head of research and data analysis at LonRes, and Rob Cohen, who is the managing director of the MJ Group International.

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