Support pre, during and after divorce

In recent years around 42% of UK marriages have ended in divorce. And while most people seek professional legal advice, many do not engage with a wealth manager on the topic. Find out why we think people should.

We appreciate that going through a divorce is always stressful, no matter what your intentions might be.


Involving a wealth manager as early as possible can help a couple understand exactly what the separated finances mean for each of your financial futures – and those of any children. We also use cashflow planning to extrapolate any current decisions into the decades to come and allow for ‘what if’ discussions to be mapped out.

Read our articles and watch our webinars to understand more of the importance of wealth planning beyond the legal support needed for finances to be separated, for example for a consent order.

What 2022 means for divorces

With new legislation determining the end of marriages set to come into law in April, individuals and their lawyers may be putting their plans on hold for a few months and taking advantage of the biggest shake up of divorce law since 1973.

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Major life events

Building a financial future after divorce

9 Jan

   |   4 mins

The first working Monday of the new year is said to be the busiest day for divorce lawyers but going through a divorce can be an emotional upheaval at any time of the year. Huw Williams examines eight steps you can take to start getting your life in order and planning for the future.

Major life events

A discussion on dementia with Alzheimer's Research UK

19 May

   |   30 mins

In this short webinar Stuart Cummins, CEO of Nedbank Private Wealth, was joined by Hilary Evans, CEO of Alzheimer’s Research UK, and Professor James Rowe, the Chair of its Strategic Advisory Board, to talk through the pioneering medical research they are leading on dementia.

Major life events

Why January is the start of serious financial discussions

27 Jan

   |   6 mins

January is never a cheerful month, but contemplating dementia (or any loss of mental capacity) or divorce is always difficult. It’s a topic that often crops up because Christmas is a time when families have spent significant time together and it’s easier to see life’s changes unfolding, as Simon Prescott explains.

Major life events

Could divorce issues provide a guide to marital finances?

22 Aug

   |   6 mins

As lockdowns were imposed, couples were forced to spend considerable time together and, as a result, divorce rates around the world are rising. But even if you are still happily married ever after, could some of the decisions divorce requires be good for you too?

Sustaining an income after divorce

As a client was going through a divorce, we helped her visualise her future finances to provide reassurance she could maintain her current standard of living and help her children financially when they are older.

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