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The deep divides in perceptions of wealth

Investors are regularly encouraged to diversify their investments. We believe the same approach should be used for tax allowances. Beckie Williams explains why.

Spending habits of the rich and (not so) famous

Allie Kirk discusses that while the wealthy continued to indulge in life’s luxuries, despite the global pandemic, their preferences and buying habits are subtly changing.

Are you focusing more on your golf than your finances?

Is the chance to spend time on golf or a hobby leaving your finances in a hole? Carlo Lourenco discusses upping your game on the green and better money matters.

Last wills and testaments go digital… partially

John Williams explains how wills in England and Wales can now be drawn-up virtually, albeit with physical signatures, if you follow the detailed procedure.

The art of property investing

What should investors consider when buying property, and how should they balance property versus other investment options? Watch our webinar to hear our views.

Different property tax holidays for England, Scotland and Wales

Rishi Sunak’s stamp duty ‘holiday’ to boost the English and Northern Irish housing markets is similar to that in Scotland and Wales. But there are differences.

Is it worth investing in financial knowledge?

Have you thought if your level of financial knowledge is holding you back? Beckie Williams, head of client proposition, shares how you can improve your wisdom.

The overseas demand for UK property

Andrew Bates explains some of the many reasons why UK property is in high demand, but also highlights some of the hurdles for UK nationals living abroad.

Don't just invest. Invest to a plan.

Carlo Lourenco, John Williams and Rebecca Cretney set out why it's important to invest with a wealth plan, specifying your own goals, in a 30 minute webinar.

An invitation to discover more about your finances

We want to help individuals understand the financial options open to them. Beckie Williams explains why we regularly post educational articles and insights.

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