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Protecting your digital legacy

What are your digital assets worth? Potentially more than you think, which could present a challenge to ensure they are passed to loved ones after your death. But what strategies can you consider to protect these for the next generation?

Don't end up 'someplace else' - a plan for expat living

Having a wealth plan can be even more important as an expat, as you will likely have more complex financial needs and assets spread around the world. Failing to plan could financially leave you 'someplace else'.

How might the Queen’s financial affairs have changed in 70 years on the throne?

As we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we look back at how life has changed for women financially since 1952 and how changes in women’s rights may have helped her control more of her own affairs – unique as they are.

A discussion on dementia with Alzheimer's Research UK

In this short webinar Stuart Cummins, CEO of Nedbank Private Wealth, was joined by Hilary Evans, CEO of Alzheimer’s Research UK, and Professor James Rowe, the Chair of its Strategic Advisory Board, to talk through the pioneering medical research they are leading on dementia.

Dementia awareness and your wealth

With Alzheimer’s Research UK estimating around one million people in the UK suffer from dementia, of a global total of over 55 million, it is increasingly important to plan for the possible financial consequences in case of mental incapacity, as Simon Prescott explains.

Why January is the start of serious financial discussions

January is never a cheerful month, but contemplating dementia (or any loss of mental capacity) or divorce is always difficult. It’s a topic that often crops up because Christmas is a time when families have spent significant time together and it’s easier to see life’s changes unfolding, as Simon Prescott explains.

What 2022 means for divorces in England and Wales

With new legislation determining the end of marriages set to come into law in April, individuals and their lawyers may be putting their plans on hold for a few months and taking advantage of the biggest shake up of divorce law since 1973.

I’ve inherited a pension. Help!

Inheriting a sizeable pension may make you feel you’re set for life. However, the money has come because someone – probably one held dear – has died. So how do you make sure the money will be used wisely given the plethora of choices now open to you?

Are you part of the inheritance ‘SKI’ Club?

When it comes to your children’s inheritance, are you caught between a desire to provide enough financial security for their future while protecting them from over-entitlement? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s time to consider joining the inheritance SKI Club.

Do you want to leave a legacy?

A true family legacy is more than the money you leave your loved ones. It’s about passing on a unique set of values, beliefs and purpose to the next generation. But while the wealth industry talks about ‘the great wealth transfer’, we look at what it actually takes to make succession a success.

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