Alzheimer’s Research UK estimates that the UK has around one million individuals suffering from dementia. Globally, the World Health Organization estimates the number to be over 55 million. 

Catch up with Stuart Cummins, CEO of Nedbank Private Wealth, in conversation with Hilary Evans, CEO of Alzheimer’s Research UK, and Professor James Rowe, the Chair of its Strategic Advisory Board, about the steps you can take to lower your risk of developing dementia and the reasons to be upbeat about the work being done by medical research teams around the world and in the UK to find cures.

For more information, please read Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Think Brain Health advice on their website. And among the options to donate, the charity especially welcomes gifts donated via wills.

As a wealth manager, we also think it’s important to think about your personal finances, and specifically the measures you can put in place now to help mitigate consequences in the future, as Simon Prescott, a senior wealth planner, explains in this short video

To find out more about lasting powers of attorney, please read the update: Dementia awareness and your wealth.